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Watchmakers are paying tribute to the noble horse spirit by creating special editions of horse-themed watches in celebration of the New Chinese Year of the Horse. ulysse nardin replica has launched a limited edition Classico Horse watch to celebrate the Horse sign. It features a champleve engraving dial featuring wild horses at free gallop.

The Chinese Zodiac seventh symbol is the horse. It is also one of their most beloved animals. It symbolizes freedom, power, emotion, and quick success. It is also symbolic of traveling, considering that horses have been a reliable and fast means of transport for humans before automobiles.

According to ulysse nardin replica the dial was made using the complicated champleve method. Cells are carved directly onto the dial surface with a chisel and then filled with replica The dial's earth-tone palette, which includes black, white, gray, and green, is created from various metallic oxides. It perfectly illustrates the natural landscape and its few wonderful creatures. The enamel is then melted and polished after the piece cools. We have an exceptional piece of art that was created by master artisans.

The watch's dial shows horses galloping with freedom, while the vast plains and majestic mountains behind them welcome them. Protective sapphire crystal is used to protect the gorgeous champleve dial.

The Classico Horse watch case (ref. The case of the Classico Horse watch (ref. 8156-111_CHEV_V5) has a 40mm diameter and is made from 18-karat gold. You can view the sapphire glass window, which is fixed with screws, by turning the watch upside-down. This allows you to appreciate the inner beauty and elegance of the movement. This exceptional watch's heart is the self-winding caliber UN-815, which was manufactured in-house and officially certified by COSC (Controle official Suisse des Chronometres). The watch can withstand water pressure up to 50 metres.

The ulysse nardin replica watch, which pays homage to the Horse sign, arrives on a leather strap in blue that matches the bluish hues of the plains and mountains on the dial. The rose gold tang buckle secures this exceptional timepiece to its owner's wrist.

According to the manufacturer, the limited edition watch is a symbol of freedom balanced with self-discipline. It's also a watch for independent-minded people.Rolex Replica Watches The new Classico Horse watch is only 88 available.